A Journey In Black and Indian Love

A Peek inside the marriage of an African American woman and her East Indian spouse

A Look at What’s to Come March 29, 2009

Hi Everyone,

I’m “Blindian” the author of this new blog. In the coming days and months, my goal is to give you a glimpse into the life of an East Indian and African American couple.

 I think it’s important to share the good, the bad and the ugly of having a mixed marriage such as ours so that people know what life is like in a relationship such as ours. When M  and I first got together a little more than three years ago, I searched everywhere for information on relationships like ours but relationships involving Blacks and East Indians are a rarity and I often had more questions after my searches than I began with. This is one of the reasons I am starting this blog-in the hopes that our story can inspire others who are considering a mixed culture relationships.  

I’m new to blogging so please be patient with me as I navigate through this system in the coming days. Look for my first full blog post tomorrow!


4 Responses to “A Look at What’s to Come”

  1. Ms. BKent Says:


    I am an African American woman who resides in the US. I just read some of your blog. I am very intrigued. I am about to get married to an East Indian man, who I love dearly, but we are experiencing a lot of cultural acceptance with his family. His parents are actually visiting the US and they will be staying for about three months, and they are not accepting our relationship. They have been here for about a month now and I have not even seen them or spoke to them on the phone. I was wondering how your husbands family dealt with your relationship. Now that you have children, I’m sure your husbands family is even more accepting, if they weren’t before.. am i correct? Thank you for your time 🙂


  2. Della Says:

    Thank you so much 4 sharing. I needed this blog and I’m going to read through the ENTIRE blog. 🙂

  3. Pizard Says:

    Just read a book which I found on Amazon.com. The blindian love of a West Indian lady and her love from Bombay, India. It is a fictional story, but it seemed very real and was quite insightful. If interested, the title is “I am called Ranjit,” by B. Clarke. A very beautiful story touched by a bit of sadness.

  4. abeni08 Says:

    Thank you for your blog. I too am an African – American woman married to a man from New Dehli . This has been so helpful. I look forward to more entries.

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