A Journey In Black and Indian Love

A Peek inside the marriage of an African American woman and her East Indian spouse

This Blog’s For You-My Open Thank you Letter April 16, 2009

This is my open thank you for all of the blog love that M and I have been receiving. In the two weeks this blog has been up, we’ve had more than 3,000 hits. People from all walks of life and nationalities have reached out to say they are enjoying reading our experiences and that they want to see more.  Your wish is my command.

I should have posted a “disclaimer” or announcement on this blog, that despite the fact the blog is titled “Blindian Love” the blog is not, nor has it ever been solely for African Americans. It’s for everyone who’s in love, who’s ever been in love or who will ever BE in love with someone who’s a bit different than you. This blog is merely a glimpse into my experiences as an AA woman who happens to be married to an Indian guy. I blog about our life together as a Black and Indian couple (thus the name blindian) in the hopes that our experience, as unique as it is will offer hope to others who feel there is little chance for them to be together. Hopefully, by seeing a little slice into our world, we symbolize the phrase there is always hope.

I love hearing from everyone. Not only am I hopeful that people are learning and gaining hope from our experiences but I am learning from you all as well. The emails and comments serve as support for me and M.  For example, Deb encouraged us to cling close to one another and remain a united front. A person who wishes to remain anonymous and I are fast becoming friends since she’s also an AA married to a Desi guy.  I even heard from an Indian woman sharing her experiences. These are just a few nuggets of what I refer to as blog love.

Feel free to ask me the questions that are on your mind and if you know of someone you think may be interested in the blog, spread the word or link it up to your blog or website if you have one. M and I are here to help and spread a little bit of Blindian love… until the next blog.


4 Responses to “This Blog’s For You-My Open Thank you Letter”

  1. Chi Says:

    Hi, I found your blog via Evia’s site, and I just wanted to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts, and you can count on my continued support. Keep them coming, and best wishes to you and your beautiful family.

    • blindianlove Says:

      Thanks so much for the blgo love and the support. I’ll keep the blogs coming and if there’s a subject you’re interested in my writing about, let me know! Peace and blessings

  2. Tom Says:

    Hi there,
    Just stumbled on you through Condron and would like to wish you every success with your blog and everlasting happiness together.
    I am English and my new wife is Chinese so any mixed marriage gets my support.
    Good luck !

    • blindianlove Says:

      How wonderful to hear from a male! This made my day. Thanks so much for supporting the blog and for taking the time to leave a comment. Congrats on your marriage and M and I wish you the best.

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