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A Looming Birthday-Oh What’s a 35 year old to do. April 20, 2009

The Mountains of Pigeon Forge

The Mountains of Pigeon Forge

I turn 35 in a few months. It’s a birthday I’m looking forward to, yet dreading. It’s not really the age thing. It’s the feeling of change that is coming over me. The last time I felt like this, I was about to turn 30. I could feel the change in the wind but little did I know that every aspect of my life was about to change- my marriage, my finances, my friendships-NOTHING was left untouched but I emerged from the ashes a stronger and wiser person.

I happen to believe that where we are in this very moment of life is where God wants us to be. When I’ve tried to change HIS plan, I always wreak havoc so over the years, experience has taught me to just ‘be still.’  When I do, it always turns out for the best.

Last year M and I went to Las Vegas for my birthday. It was a great trip. We saw Cirque’s “O” which is absolutely incredible.  This year we are planning a friends and family weekend in Gatlinburg. I’m looking forward to spending time relaxing in the beauty of the Smokies with family and friends. I want to shoot a little pool, shop, play board games, have some late night gab sessions with my girls, watch the guys in a grilling battle to see who makes the best barbeque and just fellowship and soak up the time with friends and family.

Aside from Dubai and St. Martin, The Smokey Mountains are my favorite spot to frequent. I love watching the blue haze that lingers over the peaks in the morning. I love the small town feel of Gatlinburg and all it has to offer. The hiking trails, the nature overall and the opportunity to raft is calling me there for some down time.  This place of beauty is what I want to share with my friends and family.

I’m trying to make sure everyone will be able to come and will be able to partake of the weekend festivities. So far the expense shouldn’t run more than $200 for a three day two night trip that includes food. I’m trying to be mindful of everyone’s budget.  Does anyone have any ideas?  We’re staying in a chalet where everyone will have their own bathroom in suite. I know how important privacy is and wanting to have the ability to choose when you want to relax away from the group. I’ll have everything worked out and the invitation letter going out to everyone by tomorrow mid-day.  Until the next blog…..


4 Responses to “A Looming Birthday-Oh What’s a 35 year old to do.”

  1. Alisha Says:

    I was just there April 10-17th!!

    The kids had a wonderful time. There was so much to do! I enjoyed the “Dixie Stampede” dinner show. The theme was hokey (North vs South with Unification at the end) , but the riders were fantastic!!

    If you want some great southern catfish, check out “Huck Finn”!! It was recommended to me and I enjoyed it.

    The stoplights are numbered (for your convenience) and near #5 there is a place to do indoor skydiving.

    Don’t forget Cades Cove!! And now there is a riverwalk along LIttle Pigeon river!!

    • blindianlove Says:

      I love Gatlinburg. We try to go at least twice a year (since 1996). Cades cover is awesome in the winter. Especially when there is snow on the ground. They’ve got all of these huge deer roaming around.

      I’ve avoided going to Dixie Stampede.. I had my own ideas about how I would feel about it.. LOL so it’s good to know it’s a decent show. I don’t eat catfish but it’s good to know the food at that restaraunt is good.

      The Old Mill in Pigeon Forge is usually pretty good. They serve the food family style.

  2. Sanaa Says:

    That picture of Pidgeon Ford is beautiful. I love the mountains in the background. I would not taking that pic, enlarging it then framing it. It’s beautiful.

    • blindianlove Says:

      Seeing it in a picture is not nearly as impressive as seeing that kind of beauty in person. I felt the same way when I saw the Taj Mahal for the first time. Prior to going I had not had a desire to see it. I figured I had seen the Taj a thousand times on television and in books but I wasn’t prepared for how blown away I was at the beauty of this wonder of the world when I saw it in person. If you do get a chance to go to Gatlinburg do so.. you won’t regret it.

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