A Journey In Black and Indian Love

A Peek inside the marriage of an African American woman and her East Indian spouse

A Much Needed Mini Vacation June 8, 2009

Hi Everyone!

I’m finally back to reality after combining a business trip with a much needed getaway. We just got back from Atlanta…took the kids to the zoo and to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. I love Atl but driving there is nervewrecking, not just because of the other driver, but because of how confusing it can get. With the exception if two places, we got lost everywhere we went. LOL. 

M seemed to be at ease because everywhere we went, we saw other Indians. Where we live it’s a rare sighting. He was shocked at how many other Indians he saw. What was so great is how many other interracial couples we saw. It seemed that everyday we saw at least three or four other IR couples. It’s a great sign about the direction of things. Until the next blog!


3 Responses to “A Much Needed Mini Vacation”

  1. Malati Says:

    OMG! I know this is late but Im from Atlanta and dpnt feel bad about getting lost cause I’ve lived here my whole life and I still get lost. But regarding the IR and east indian population they both are very popular down here; stemming from a long line of intereacial marriages Im glad to see that it is more excepted now and that people of mixed decent can wear there history with honor without receieving negative criticism.

  2. The diverse one Says:

    Like wise.

    Far as driving, tell me about it I have no trouble with Southeast ATL, Going towards the outskirts, particularly, Gwinnett and Cobb County ,Georgia,. I prefer riding the bus out to those places. Some of the drivers drive like they are in the Autobahn or something. Don’t let it be lunchtime….Geez! You cannot afford to procrastinate on the road, unless you want to get hit by a car.

    Many parts of the ATL is loaded with East Indians, although you can find them there, Your husband will definitely feel at home in those counties I mentioned. Gwinnett County is known for it’s abundant diversity and many Indians that live there. I loved working out there, even though it’s a battle trying to deal with that traffic.

  3. Nicolette Says:

    Well lets fast forward 2 years……..I live in a suburb of atlanta. I see many indian men around where my boyfriend lives but not many black and indian couples. No one says anything crazy but people do stare

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