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A Peek inside the marriage of an African American woman and her East Indian spouse

Blindian’s Old School Playlist July 7, 2009

I love to dance..in fact I probably would have been a good candidate on “Dance Your Ass Off” (nevermind how cheesy the show may be, there’s definitely something to the concept of having fun while losing weight..but I digress). Hubby does not dance, no how no way..at least that’s usually the case. However, this past week I was actually able to get him to try some dance steps with me. I came across the above video on youtube and it brought back a flood of memories from my high school days. It’s funny how silly some of these dances look to me now…but honies back in the day, Blindian was looking just as stupid doing the dances.

Anyway, now that I’m older and wiser with more brittle bones, I leave the new dances like “the stanky leg (wth?) and the “solider boy” to the younger folk. I do, however, still step as in this video (start around 2:38 forward)


When I was a little girl, my grandparents would do a form of this dance. Now it has evolved into names like the “Chicago step.” I loved watching my elders cutting loose in my grandmother’s living room. When I showed the video to M, and asked him to learn with me, surprisingly enough he watched and tried to emulate the steps. I’m hoping he can learn it by the end of next month so that we can do it at my family reunion.

Dancing crazily around the house as we cook  or hang out may seem like something odd to most people but for us it’s not. For me it’s cultural and a way to show happiness or celebration. Certain parts of our cultures are important enough for me and M to sustain and pass to our children. For me, it’s the little moments like hanging out with me  and M while we cook or watching movies and playing games together. It’s about being a family. I don’t let my kids watch music videos and most of the time, they don’t know the latest dance until another child teaches them. Some people may find this sad but for M and I, it’s about them retaining a slice of the innocence of childhood. Music videos these days have way too many unethical aspects, from the inappopriate lyrics to the skimpily clothed women. As it stands, they only watch 2 hours of television each week. There are just way too many things that come on t.v. now that as a parent I cannot in good faith expose my children to.  Until they grow up and can be exposed to more things, we have our youtube videos to show them the “old way” of dancing.  So tonight, go to youtube and find your favorite video and dance dance dance. … until the next blog.


6 Responses to “Blindian’s Old School Playlist”

  1. Stacee Says:

    Nice to hear that life is back to normal with your marriage….awesome!

    Aww…you are truly blessed!! What a lovely couple you two are. I can envision you two being lovebirds. Reading this actually brings a nostalgic feeling over me because my ex and I used to do things together alot.

    As you can see, I check back every now and again to see if you’ve added a new blog. I LOVE to dance too and currently watching SYTYCD- So You Think You Can Dance, as I sit here on my laptop, multitaskin. It’s my favorite reality and dance show!! I took salsa dance lessons a couple years ago and they were fun!!! I wanna take a belly dance class one of these days.

    Well good to hear from you again! Look forward to more….be blessed!

  2. S.S. Says:

    I agree totally. There’s too much crud on TV these days that just isn’t suitable to young, developing minds.

  3. Samantha Says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs and thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us. I’m an African-American female and I’m definitely open to IR dating but AA women dating Indian men is EXTREMELY rare. It’s a unique combination though.

  4. diverse Says:

    I cannot blame you for your concerned attitude for your kids

    Today’s music/TV really sucks! Nothing is original or logical There is nothing quality about both. Tv seems to be predominated by illogical reality shows or music is being filled with tons of filth and/or,disrespect. I just get bored with it. It has gotten to the point where, I listen to lot’s of oldies( I’ve always listened to an array bunch of music, but it more abundant). I cannot blame you for for what you’re doing. If I had kids I would do the same thing.

  5. P'cola, FL Says:

    I love old school music. Hey maybe you can take it back to the 70’s.

    Be Blessed
    First time blogger.

  6. Denise Rogers Says:

    April 3rd is my daughters birthday and she is 36 years old. She did every dance iin the video especially with her friends in the back yard. So many wonderful memories come to mind as I watch you dance. I am posting a link on her facebook page. You are awesome. And by the way my daughter is also Blindian. Great job. Denise Rogers

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