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What’s It All For? October 1, 2009

Have you ever had one of those days where you wonder why you do all that you do?  I’ve had one of those days today but only in the last few hours has this feeling overtaken me. Today was one of those incredibly long days where I had long hours with a client AFTER I had already put in my hours at the station. What I thought was going to be an hour max with him turned into two and a half hours. I left there running to a coaching session I had for one of my voiceover students. By the time all was said and done it was close to 7:45 before I got home. As I pulled into the garage, I asked myself “why do I do all of this?” 

Okay okay..before anyone sends me a comment berating me about how I should be grateful to even have work in an economy like this, save your energy. I already know this and I am quite thankful. I also know why I do all that I do.. I do it because I like stability and being able to pay a mortgage or travel whenever I want.  However, when you are as exhausted as I am right now logic goes completely out of the window. It’s moments like this that I dream of being a backpacking traveler sitting in an outdoor cafe somewhere sipping on a chai.

Ah but alas reality kicks in and I realize that even though I’m exhausted, I have healthy kids, am financially stable, have a good marriage, and a job that I love so much I don’t want to quit it to run my businesses full-time.  I am so much better off than many others right now. Plus I have all of you wonderful readers supporting me. How much more could a girl ask for? (uhmm no one really wants me to answer that at this moment of sheer and utter tiredness because the list would start with a hot stone aromatherapy massage… but I digress)

Until the next blog …(by the way.. aren’t you surprised I blogged THREE days in a row?! haha )


4 Responses to “What’s It All For?”

  1. Charie Daviston Says:

    Thanks for blogging. Keep it coming, I enjoy it. Get some rest.

  2. Stacee Says:

    Hey! Happy to read your thoughts…..venting is cathartic. And yes I have had some of those days where I ask myself…..”why am I still doing this?” I work in insurance, a stepping stone until I finish school. The work I do is challenging, which keeps me interested. But it’s not where my passion lies. so I have many of those days.

    I know coming home to your family, seeing their beautiful faces, keeps you going and reminds you, even tho I know you love your job, but it reminds you why you’re still doing what you’re doing. Because after you’re on the other side of your front door, your family makes it all worthwhile.

    Stay blessed Hugz*

  3. Stacee Says:

    Btw, Great read! G’night

  4. Empress Samantha Says:

    Thanks for blogging. Had to get caught up but it was a nice surprise!! Keep it up!!

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