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A Peek inside the marriage of an African American woman and her East Indian spouse

Happy Diwali October 18, 2009


M is from Kerala and doesn’t celebrate Diwali but I’d like to say Happy Diwali to all of you who do. I posted the above link because 1) I am thrilled to see an administration that acknowleges this festival given the high number of Indians who live here. 2) I love the brief history given by President Obama about Diwali because even those who don’t celebrate now have this knowledge of why the festival is important to many Indians. 

If you do celebrate Diwali, I would love to know your traditions and how you celebrate. Until the next blog lovelies.


6 Responses to “Happy Diwali”

  1. purpledusk971 Says:

    hello, I’m new to this site, i found about your blog on topix. I live in Europe but I ‘m from the French West Indies, my mother is Black and my father of East Indian descent. In my native island it’s not uncommon to see people of the Indian community mix with/marry/date Black women/men but I had never seen an AA woman with an Indian man, that’s why I was so interested as a blasian girl in visiting your blog. You do a great job and thanks for sharing your stories with us, your blog is now in my favourites.

  2. Anonimissy Says:

    ^^^^^ Yes those two communities are somewhat interwoven into each other in Guadeloupe to the point where no one bats an eyelash at ”mixed” unions.

    A., please elaborate on why/where Diwali is not observed.
    I have been under the assumption that is was celebrated by all and broke down ethnic, socio ecomomic, and religious lines… while it lasted.
    Not even Bollywood overdose thaught me that!

    • blindianlove Says:

      Hi Anon Missy,
      The quote about two communities being interwoven into each other in Guadeloupe.. what context was that in? I don’t recall it being on the blog but it’s pretty interesting. I would love to hear more.

      Concerning your Diwali question, people in Kerala don’t celebrate the holiday. Instead, their two big holidays are Onam and Vishu.

      The way M explains it, Diwali is primarily a Northern Indian holiday, however, as North Indians have migrated to other parts of the country for business etc, so has the festival celebrations. Apparently, (according to M) Calicut and Kerala are not easy places for Indians to set up businesses so the influx of North Indians are not as prevalent as other parts of the country. Therefore the celebrations are (minimal if not nil) in most of Kerala. There are pockets of North Indians who live there that have their celebrations but it’s nearly on the same scale as in northern Indian states. Apparently, as a state, Kerala has not historically celebrated the holiday. Thanks for the question anonmissy!

  3. Anonimissy Says:

    Thank you it’s a bit more clear now!

    As far as my first paragraph is concerned, it was a reply to the 1st comment.
    The person gave backgroud info on her French west indian family’s ethnic makeup and given the screen name I took a wild guess (just kidding! ) and deducted that they’re from Guadeloupe.
    Though I could be wrong…..

  4. Milky Chai Says:

    Wasn’t that just awesome! I love him!

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