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The Rearing Ugly Head of Hate February 19, 2010

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Well, we got our first hate post today (under the “About” comments).  I knew it was coming eventually and with all of the ignorance in the world today, it doesn’t surpise me at all. “Mary” says that Blacks and South Indians don’t mix and that relationships like me and M’s make her want to throw up. Hmmm.  Her post didn’t even warrant me wasting the energy to get angry. I feel sorry for people who have so much stupidity and hatred within them that they feel the need to spread it on a public forum. Thankfully, not everyone is like Mary. If they were, M and I would have never married. I respect the fact that she (or he) may not choose to marry outside of their race but to try to push that same old, tired propoganda on others is …yawn.. so boring. So Mary (or whoever you are), I won’t keep you much longer. I just wanted to give you the attention you apparently so desperately deserve and I’m sure you are exhausted because carrying around so much ignorance and baggage has got to be heavy.   To my other readers, I apologize but it’s obvious this person needed attention badly. I’ll get back to my regular post that was planned for today here shortly.


23 Responses to “The Rearing Ugly Head of Hate”

  1. kristy Says:

    sorry about that comment that was left by that poster, you know alot of people are just miserable and hate to see others happy…i admire you and M relationship and some people just need to get a life!

  2. Stacee Says:

    Very classy and well said! {Clapping}

    The attitude that some people have toward interracial couples is just shameful. But it is really sad that people who choose to write hate mail believe other people really care about what their narrow-minded selves think. My advice to Mary is: Seriously, it is 2010 so get over yourself! People have been breaking down stereotypes and barriers, stepping outside of their culturally controlled boxes and embracing, mingling and marrying inter-racially and interculturally for years… and will continue to do so. Obviously interracial relationships aren’t for everyone. But many people, including Asian Indian and Black/African Americans are and have been open-minded to the possibilities. However, maybe if you spent more time worried about your own relationship or lack thereof, you wouldn’t have time (or even care) to ‘hate’ on people who are happily involved in inter-racial relationships.


  3. Charie Daviston Says:

    The “Mary’s” of the world are people who despise the freedom of others to choose the love they want. They are cowards because they live for the approval of others. That’s a terrible way to exist and misery wants some company. No thanks Mary, you’re on your own!!!

  4. diverse Says:

    I must say that I agree with you and the other posters on this topic.

    It’s so incredible how people ruin their lives over something like interracial dating/marriage. Whenever I see Black/South Asian and other mixed couples, I applaud them. I love living in the real world. Some of my family /friends are involved in mixed relationships. I love them to pieces.

    Your blog is warm, informative and quite entertaining. I wish you continued success with it.

  5. Empress Samantha Says:

    I agree with others on this topic. People like “Mary” have so much hate inside of them it’s frightening. Interracial relationships are not for everyone but people who don’t see the beauty of IRs have serious issues.

  6. I just feel sorry for “Mary” and people like her/him. (Let’s stick with “her”).
    It is not simply the mixed marriage issue that somebody like that hates; they hate the whole world.
    My guess is that “Mary” is a very lonely individual who is angry at “the world” because she can find no happiness in it for herself. She is in a perpetual downslide of negativity because she gives off bad vibes which are then reciprocated by others, causing her to become even more alienated than before; and so it goes on.
    Let us hope that someone can come to her rescue and show her that “the world” is a beautiful place, and it wants to embrace her too.

    • Charie Daviston Says:


      That’s a very nice way to put it!!!

    • Indiangirl Says:

      Ditto on the above. People who are happy in their lives & relationships don’t usually take time out of their day to try to bring others down. Hope you don’t let it bring you down, though, Blindian. Alot of us, African-American & Indian alike, enjoy your posts & support you.

  7. Toni Says:

    Some people are like crabs in a barrel…they like to pull everyone else down. Interesting that people who feel the same as “Mary” usually have no justification other that a person’s race or skin color. So tired! Don’t let this foolishness steal your joy. You and some of your followers are living and breathing proof that love, not hate, conquers all. I admire and respect you.

  8. Indian and proudly supporting you and all inter racial unions.


  9. Selena Says:

    I guess this is the season (or month) for the haters. This like the htird site i’ve went to. My guess is the more sites, radio blogs and our actual actions are viewed, the more these folks are panicking lol.

    Luv the site and keep doing you!

  10. Milky Chai Says:

    Very wise response blindianlove. As you know from my blog, I have experienced a great deal of bigotry from my in-laws. You handled this ignorant “mary” in your reponse very well. Kudos. I love the way you brush it off, inspires me to try to carry the same attitude when dealing with the ignorance on our end. I’ve never felt bigotry in my heart and so it is a very difficult concept for me to understand in others.

  11. Lovealwayswins Says:

    This lady better not visit Jamaica or make friends with West Indian Jamaicans because there are plenty of us with this mixture either directly or in our families. Love is love, there is a reason it has no color it transcends “race”.

  12. Rachel Says:

    people who are not happy in life and live in that black and ugly place can’t stand to see people who are…. stay in that magnificent light….try not to let those lost souls rob you of your joy…and if that don’t work then I like to invite them to kiss my entire @ss …excuse my french..but if you not paying my bills and you don’t care anything about my well being…well then you know what you can do…ignorance comes in all shades and shapes and I don’t it will ever change..so Ignore it..cause life is hard enough as it is.

  13. Meeka Says:

    May be people should stop mixing with Mary….

  14. Ganesh Krishnan Says:

    Hi there!
    My girlfriend sent me (an Indian!) a link to your blog as she thought it was an interesting read. I just decided to lurk around and read and noticed this blog and couldn’t hesitate to leave a comment.

    People like mary (I am dead sure it’s a he) are sick psychopaths and we have numerous of them here in India who kill in the name of religon/caste/creed.
    They usually eat shit and rot in their own faeces of hatred so you need to recognize it and learn to ignore them. Don’t fight with the pigs in shit. They love it and YOU get dirty.

    Good luck on your relationship!

  15. olivia Says:

    hi there
    im writing from the uk after seeing your blog and may i say im so inspired that i almost crying with relief that there are people(couples) like you out there.recently i have started dating an indian guy but of course taking it slowly as we are only young(he’s 18 and im 17).yesterday we decided to have a day out in london(were we live ofcourse) and i noticed the horrible looks i we were recieving form mostly the black community around.. black women looked shocked and the black men looked angry almost as if it was a crime for his to even touch me, at first i thought i was only being paranoid but was then convinced by my intuition when an older black man(looked about in his forties) scowled at us then shock his head in disbelief, thats when i got angry then told the guy in dating to notice the looks and he realised it to then asked “is it cause im with you”. the sad thing is that in my short 17 years on earth ive only come to realise that im even more matured than a lot of people out there today..i didnt think love looks at colour. Please keep up the blog..it keeps me inspired.
    love olivia
    p.s if you have any personal advice for me please message me

  16. Aruna Says:

    God Bless you both..thank you for sharing..you are a blessing to many! 🙂

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