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Where does time go? February 25, 2010

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Life has been so hectic for M and I lately. With starting the brick and morter part of our jewerly business and school starting, it has been enough to make our heads spin. That doesn’t include scout meetings for both kids, my regular job and my voiceover business.  I’m thankful to be taking everyting in stride.

 I’m finally beginning to realize some very important facts.

1) My body is getting older and it needs more sleep than the four or five hours max I’ve been giving it over the last three years.

2) I don’t care how much technology and various gadgets are supposed to save time…to me it only paves the way for more time to be taken away. When I was a kid my grandmother cooked everything from scratch on a stove not a microwave. Vegetables were fresh out of some garden and she kept an immaculate house all while taking care of her kids, foster kids and a couple of grandchildren like me.  I’m still in awe of her strength.  Some things I won’t compromise on like cooking full meals for my family. We do eat out occasionally  but I believe dinners should be eaten together even if it’s not at a dining table. Often my family and I will camp out in the den and watch movies while eating dinner together (lately it’s been the Planet Earth series).

3) There’s only one of me and there’s only so much I can do. If I’ve done my best then I’ve done enough and if the task isn’t completed, perhaps there’s always later…if not oh well.

4) Sometimes no words are more than any number of words could ever speak.

5) The family members who are people I would ordinarily never deal with if they were not family no longer have control over my emotions with the whole “I’m family” excuse. I have some family I would never ever be friends with because we are dramatically worlds apart and there world is one which I have no desire to be a part of and I’m perfectly fine with it. It’s taken me  a long time to reach the point where I don’t care how they feel about me.

I’m in awe of the energy and passage of time. It seems just like yesterday that my kids were babies in carriers. Now they are mini adults with all of these emotions and intelligence. They are growing so quickly.

How many of you in the last few weeks have said to yourself or someone else I can’t believe it’s already the middle of September?!  That’s a sign that somehow we’re not slowing down enough to savor the days and truly acknowledge their presence.  I’ve promised to change this for myself.  I’ll have new posts soon my lovelies. ..until the next blog.


3 Responses to “Where does time go?”

  1. diverse Says:

    I can’t believe it’s 2010.

    It’s funny how time flies. It seems that I was 18 yesterday and I’m almost 39. I attended my nephew’s basketball games and I came across a couple of my classmates at my former high school. Although they are parents of several kids, it seems that we’re all going to pep rallies instead of these games. My sister is a year younger than me. She’s about to attend her 20 year class reunion. You just look at the people and with the exception of a little weight gain, they all look the same as they did in high school. It just all so weird to me. But I’m happy that Lord let me see this year.

    I also feel like you. In some ways Feel that I’m taking life for granted. I Just feel that my life has become more about work than play. I haven’t been out of my state for a mighty long time to the point where I’m beginning to feel like a hic. I don’t have any kids of my own, but if I did, I would want them to know about life and how to enjoy it to the fullest. I just wouldn’t want to leave this world where all my life consisted of is work, work, work. Even in this state of terrible economic affairs, I’m a realist, but I don’t want it get me down to the point where I shouldn’t no life. No matter how bad things may look on the outside, I try my best to look at the good that may be underneath it.For the time being, I will just enjoy nature, my life and some of my family .Hopefully things will get better.

  2. I read it some where, “Friends are God’s way of appologizing for relatives.”

    How was the India trip? What was new? More cars on the roads or more cows?

  3. Loved number 3 !
    All I need to do now is teach myself to believe it.

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