A Journey In Black and Indian Love

A Peek inside the marriage of an African American woman and her East Indian spouse

Thank you, Thank You, Thank you March 5, 2010

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Hi everyone, I only have a few minutes to type out a quick post but I wanted to thank you all for your outpouring of support that M and I received in response to “Mary.” You all give me hope that there’s much more good in the world than there is ignorance. The louder our voices are against people who simply can’t accept others because they don’t like seeing couples not to their suiting, the more we can drown out their ignorance and hatred.  I have so much to update you all about. Write again soon! Until the next blog lovelies!


2 Responses to “Thank you, Thank You, Thank you”

  1. Teetee Says:

    I was always attracted to indian men. I have even dated some. But the pitt fall is that they cant really date me longterm as they have to go back to india to marry a indian girl… smmfh

    • Rachel Says:

      Sad,….The funny thing is before I met and married my Indian husband…I had been married twice before and I had ,had enough of marriage and was just networking for friends and before I knew I was hog tied and pulled in again…only this time around it is great..So Don’t give up

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