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Hello Again February 6, 2011

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Hi Everyone,

Let me start off by saying “thank you” to everyone who has reached out to me to make sure M and I were okay since I had not posted in a while. The last few months have found M and I in an incredible period of transition and unfortunately, that made my limited time even more limited. I only had time for FB updates.

So you may ask, exactly what has been going on?  Well, here’s a little portion of what is going on:

1) M switched jobs

2) I quit my job to run my businesses full-time (a scary move but one that is quite rewarding)..btw, anyone need a voiceover done?

3) We went to the Bahamas (pic above)

4) M had heart surgery.

5) We’ve made one more step toward starting the baby making front.

Then there’s daily life. M and I have managed to weave together a life filled with the simplicities and complexities of happiness together. We’ve had a few downs but we’ve had plenty of ups.  We’ve now settled into the essence of us. Imagine what would happen if everyone in a relationship realized that the days won’t always be sunny but the rainy days can be so much sweeter if we see what comes after the storm has passed.

We’re apparently a pretty comedic couple because our daughter looked at us the other day and day and said “haha you guys are really funny. You should be on T.V.”  That tone of  sarcasm mixed with the tongue in cheek sassyness of a 10-year-old made me smile. 

Hopefully, there’s much to come from the Blindian family in the way of updates soon. Blindian mama (that’s me) will try to do better about posting. Until the next blog..


13 Responses to “Hello Again”

  1. Toni Says:

    So good to hear from you. I figured you had to have been really busy, but I never would have guessed all this was happening. I pray that your husband is recovering well. As a cardiovascular nurse I know how difficult heart surgery can be. Congratulations to you for stepping out on faith and making a major career move. With your drive and positive outlook I’m sure you will be successful. Best wishes with your baby making endeavors 😉 and I truly wish you and M many, many wonderful years together. Looking forward to future posts from you.


    • blindianlove Says:

      Hi Toni,
      M is doing much better, thanks for asking. His main artery was 90% blocked and another artery was 60-70% blocked. We are truly blessed. This is another topic I will do a post on in the coming days. It was an emotional journey for us but in very different ways. It’s an experience that has made us very mindful of how fragile this thing called life is. As a cardiac nurse, I’m sure you see the fragility of life everyday. Thanks again for reading the blog and for the encouragement.

  2. Breathe Says:

    thanks for the updates, you are a gorgeous couple indeed. From a Blindian sister.

    • blindianlove Says:

      Thanks Magaly! I appreciate the compliments. I should have added to the list that I have now cut off all my hair and made the transition into the world of natural hair. I’ll do a post about that soon.

  3. jamily5 Says:

    I am glad that most of the changes are good ones. Although every change is accompanied with a bit of discomfort. There is always a loss when there is a change. But, glad that there are more gains.
    Keep us posted!

  4. Empress Samantha Says:

    I was wondering why you weren’t updating your blog but I saw you on Facebook so I thought you were just insanely busy, which I understand. My life is crazy-busy these days, I only have time for so much. But I’m beyond happy you’re back to blogging and look forward to hearing about everything.

    I’m glad M is doing better, dealing with heart problems is huge. I look forward to more updates and wish you and M every happiness!

  5. Arielle( Formerly "Diverse") Says:

    You guys are looking very good!

    I was like the rest of the people on here. Actually,I thought that it was the end of the blog because I remembered you saying that you was going to start a FACEBOOK page( Forgive me as I do not have one). There were times where I did check and look at some older posts to see if you were back. Thank god I picked this spontaneous night to do it.

    Also,congratulations on your career switch. My uncle would tell my that life is a chance. I admit, in these trying times, I would have probably would have pondered on what to do and be scared to risk it,but how will people know what their future will have in store for them if they don’t try it? Anyways..I love hearing good news. I’m always inspired by it.And about “M”? I happy that his surgery turned out to be a great one.My uncle also have(still have) clogged arteries. Presently, he’s on medication for the time being,but I hope that he’ll get surgery for it.Again, just like all of the guys on here, it’s nice that you’re back on here.

  6. ann Says:

    It good to hear everything is well with you and your family. Obviously, M. is a thin person that goes to show heart problems can effect anyone. M. is fortunate to have a devoted wife.

  7. ann Says:

    BTW, I love that dress.

  8. Shawntaye Says:

    Glad to know you two are both doing fine. Bless both of you and your families.

  9. Joanyett Mays-Dennis Says:

    You guys are adorable!!

  10. Apiravani Says:

    Hi my name is Apiravani. My father is originally from South India born in Sri Lanka. My mother is west african, Sierra Leon. I was brought up mainly with my fathers beliefs and traditions. I never quite fitted in with my darker skin tone. My hair and features were very much Asian according to family. My hair is quite long. It’s upto my lower back. I hated how people looked at me and just saw me as a black person. It made me really despise my father and his culture. My surnames Ravichandiran and I always got asked why I had that surnames. I went to an Indian private school and the kids thr were horrible. I would very much like to see a family picture of yours.

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