A Journey In Black and Indian Love

A Peek inside the marriage of an African American woman and her East Indian spouse

Resourceful Links April 5, 2009

Here are some websites I’ve found useful in my quest for knowledge about other multiracial couples. If you find others, please let me know so that I may add them.






3 Responses to “Resourceful Links”

  1. EddieN Says:

    Here a blog I discovered recently, from a black man/Indian woman couple:


  2. EddieN Says:

    And of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about these two sites:

    The Loving Day Project:
    “Loving Day fights racial prejudice through education and builds multicultural community. It’s a global network of events that you can host or attend. It’s also an educational project that you can be a part of every day.”

    Mixed and Happy:
    “We are a community of mixed-race families and people who support family diversity. If you are passionate about family, regardless of color, please join us!”

  3. amyconnell Says:

    My name is Amy. I am sending you this email because I have read your blog and found it very interesting and touching. I am involved in an interracial relationship too and the subject is very dear to me. I am proud to be a white girl dating a black man, despite what some people have told me. So much so that I decided to create a blog about mixed-raced relationships, not only Black and White but also Asian, Latino,…. The blog will be called Bicolour and you will find articles, essays, news and gossip about interracial couples and a category in which you will be able to follow interracial couples pictured on TV. The blog is still at its early beginnings… Of course this is a huge project and I would never be able to do everything by myself. I’m striving to create a place where people could have a sense of a community with other people who accept the cultural differences. That’s why I’m sending you this email in order to know if you could help me in any way: give me links to other blogs about that subject, people I could contact to interview, maybe you know people who would be interested in writing articles, too! Anything is accepted, really.
    Thank you for your time and take care!

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